Vikings on a Prairie Ocean

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Glenn Sigurdson’s career and acclaimed book Vikings on a Prairie Ocean, takes root at the shores of Lake Winnipeg and the history of its people. The lake defines him; it is inside him. Discover more about Vikings on a Prairie Ocean and its author.

“This book has many streams running through it. Each stream could stand alone as a must read for many. The intermingling of these streams provides an intriguing perspective on the interactions of many influences on the dynamics molding the evolution of people, communities and ideas.  This book offers as innovative an approach to understanding history as Glenn’s work has offered an innovative approach to understanding constructive ways to address complex, difficult issues. A primary part of his innovative approach stems from creating space for reconciling without eliminating the tension between independence and interdependence.”
Barry Stuart, Former Chief Judge of the Territorial Court of Yukon, Law Professor, Leader
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“Every Canadian should read it.”
Phil Fontaine, O.C.


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Vinarterta: Viking Christmas Cake

Few Christmas traditions are as culturally sacred to Canada’s ethnic Icelanders – nor as touchy, for that matter – as the baking of a 150-year-old fruitcake. Vinarterta is a hefty, layered torte customarily served in rectangular slices, usually with coffee, and ideally by a doting Amma (grandmother). In thousands of kitchens across the continent this … Continue reading Vinarterta: Viking Christmas Cake

Prairie Vikings Journey into the World of Social Innovation

“What could lost Vikings possibly have to do with your career?” This question quickly arises in the discussion around what this book is about. And it appears to be a question that resonates with many people called upon to define themselves and their work. In this article in Ideas@Beedie (the new digital magazine from the … Continue reading Prairie Vikings Journey into the World of Social Innovation

“Who are you, What do you do, and Why?” How writing this book answered this for me

In May 2014 Vikings on a Prairie Ocean was launched at the iconic McNally Robinson bookstore in Winnipeg. Completing this labor of love – lots of both – for over a decade was punctuated with 13 weeks on the nonfiction bestseller list in Winnipeg. There have been several articles and reviews, most recently in Canada’s … Continue reading “Who are you, What do you do, and Why?” How writing this book answered this for me

The Vikings Community is Growing!

Dear friends, I write to thank all of you who have shared with me your reflections after having read the book, by email, letter and in conversations. Let me share some “behind the scenes” activity that has been underway. I also write to ask whether I might use your note (or a future note) on … Continue reading The Vikings Community is Growing!

#3 Best Seller in Winnipeg for 2014

Thank you McNally-Robinson for helping us become the #3 best-seller in Winnipeg for 2014!  

Splashes on a Prairie Ocean

A mini-series sequel to Vikings on a Prairie Ocean As I was writing Vikings on a Prairie Ocean, several pieces that I had written as fictionalized accounts based on historical facts did not find their way into the final manuscript. I now intend to periodically share these in the months ahead on this web site. … Continue reading Splashes on a Prairie Ocean