One More Season now for sale

We are excited to announce that you can now purchase Solli’s album, One More Season, directly from our download’s page. We feature the music on numerous pages on the site and have had requests to make the CD available for download. We are pleased to be able to make that now possible. Click here.

In Conversation with Glenn Sigurdson

In Conversation with Glenn Sigurdson Glenn Sigurdson started out his life in a Lake Winnipeg fishing family — for decades, the family ran Sigurdson Fisheries. Now, he’s a conflict-resolution professional who travels the world. Sigurdson’s latest book, Vikings on a Prairie Ocean, is about the lake’s people and places and how they shaped his life. … more

Winnipeg Free Press

Interlake history a stellar saga Lake Winnipeg is central to the tale told by Glenn Sigurdson. It has profoundly influenced the people travelling on its waters and occupying the lands along its shores. Joining the Cree, who have lived in the environs for generations, were the Icelanders. Author W.D. Valgardson provides a strong start to Vikings … more

The Making of a Unique Leader

The Making of a Unique Leader Reflections on reading Vikings on a Prairie Ocean by Barry Stuart Yes I did.  I believed when I started to read this manuscript I thought what a nice thing Glenn has done for his family. He has recorded their history. They will be very happy, as will future generations … more

Page Updates: The People

“The Icelanders became neighbours with the First Peoples of these lands, alongside the existing settlers and those from many places who followed. Writing the Canadian story had just begun, and this group from an island in the middle of the North Atlantic was there helping to write it, adding their own story, and adding another … more