Vikings on a Prairie Ocean

Vikings on a Prairie Ocean

A History – A Career – A Memoir

Here, Glenn Sigurdson, author of the acclaimed Vikings on a Prairie Ocean, continues his exploration of history as a living story that defines who we are and shapes who we are becoming. He introduces new engaging short stories of the people, places, and influences from a boyhood growing up in a legendary Lake Winnipeg fishing family. He takes you inside the wisdom of the lake which has guided his life and work. He shares the insights and tools he has put to work to earn an international reputation helping others resolve deeply embedded differences, reach tough decisions, and build resilient relationships. Join Glenn in this journey.

  • – Leading Without Owning –

  • – Strength In Diversity –

  • – How You Begin Determines How You Will End –

  • – Turning Rights Into Results –

  • – Relationships Are Assets –

  • - Building Processes for Problems -


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RUV Televison: Interview by Egil Helgason  on Kiljan
Morgunblaðið: Feature article by Karl Blondal
CBC: Radio Interview


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The Winnipeg Free Press

  • “Glenn has a special relationship with the people of Canada’s First Nations and the good way and place that comes from shines through these pages. For the Cree and Ojibway, and the Icelanders of Lake Winnipeg, this book will always have a special meaning. Few Canadians, if any, could have written this; every Canadian should read it.”

    Phil Fontaine

  • “No matter what immigrant ancestry brought you to Canada, this story of Icelandic immigration will open new windows on the dynamics of your ancestor’s struggles to migrate and settle in Canada, introduce another important perspective on how new immigrants interacted with First Nations, and reveal how Icelandic values and culture blended into Canada.”

    Barry Stuart

  • “Lake Winnipeg is the center of the story…it gave these immigrants a sense of place… a highly interdependent network… and made their community stretch beyond their ethnicity to do business with people of all races and creeds.”

    WD Valgardson