Black bear

Now we are on an expedition. We are going to go from black bear to rabbit point. It is about 4 miles. If there is any hint of a wind coming up I am reluctant to take our small boat across the lake. But today is a perfect day. We arrive in Princess Harbour. Here the beauty of today is enhanced by the artefacts from the past. My Ottawa friend George Hunter is breathing in the experience. He sees the 45-gallon drums. There is the snowplough that made it possible for the tractor trains to move across the ice. There is a roller that enabled every box of supplies to move from the boat to the dock, And every fish box to move from the dock to the boat efficiently. the occasional mariner from the South has found their way to this Idyllic place to hide at peace from the world for a few days. I do not know all the families who live there but I do know that it is been home to the Anderson family for decades. As we make our way back my long friend and neighbour, Ingi Ingaldson is ” contended as he watches the pelicans on the reef lapping up the sun and licking up the fish. Now my friend John Restall offers this quiz-what difference do you observe in the landscape topography across the short distance between the east and west shore of the lake?