Vancouver Sun Features Vikings’ “Fishing For Memories”

On December 18, The Vancouver Sun published a Q&A with Glenn Sigurdson, exploring the writing process behind Vikings on a Prairie Ocean, and the relationship between his family history, memories, and lifetime career. Such questions include: Q: What inspired you to write the book? A: Like Bilbo in the Hobbit, this journey began innocently with … more

Vinarterta: Viking Christmas Cake

Few Christmas traditions are as culturally sacred to Canada’s ethnic Icelanders – nor as touchy, for that matter – as the baking of a 150-year-old fruitcake. Vinarterta is a hefty, layered torte customarily served in rectangular slices, usually with coffee, and ideally by a doting Amma (grandmother). In thousands of kitchens across the continent this … more

The Vikings Community is Growing!

Dear friends, I write to thank all of you who have shared with me your reflections after having read the book, by email, letter and in conversations. Let me share some “behind the scenes” activity that has been underway. I also write to ask whether I might use your note (or a future note) on … more

Splashes on a Prairie Ocean

A mini-series sequel to Vikings on a Prairie Ocean As I was writing Vikings on a Prairie Ocean, several pieces that I had written as fictionalized accounts based on historical facts did not find their way into the final manuscript. I now intend to periodically share these in the months ahead on this web site. … more

Vikings arrive in Canada’s History in time for Christmas!

“Every Canadian should read .” Phil Fontaine Is there a Canadian on your Christmas list this year? 🙂 We are pleased to be featured in Canada’s History’s annual list of holiday books and genuinely think Vikings on a Prairie Ocean would make a really great gift for many.

“Vikings” Make Landfall at Every School in Manitoba

My aunt Solveig and Canada’s History magazine have partnered to make Vikings on a Prairie Ocean available to over 300 schools in Manitoba to make this important piece of the country’s history known. We hope to engage with the students at these schools on this platform (you can register here) and encourage them to tell … more