Hidden Treasures: Old friends of an “Old man and the Sea”

Hidden treasures found at the cottage this morning…. 45 years since Afi Malli (Brynjolfson) died I found his beloved pipes, which were his companions over his life. And beside them the roll- your -own cigarette papers which he filled with Old Chum pipe tobacco from his pouch when the spirit moved him to switch.., ultimately it would be these friends who would become his enemies as lung cancer would take him to his end of after 75 years. Sitting on his stool behind the wheel of his whitefish boat plying the waters of Lake Winnipeg, his suspenders showing strongly across his red flannel shirt, the pipes and he seemed like one. Beside him was a cup of coffee, sipped through a sugar cube. In his pocket was his watch, and beside him always guiding him was his barometer which, with his own eyes, and years of experience was all he needed to anticipate the weather, seeking out fish when the weather was with him and heading to Harbour when the barometer started to fall quickly.