Glenn Sigurdson and Major, his dogMediator, teacher, lawyer, and leader, Glenn Sigurdson has helped resolve complex, high profile issues involving the land, waters, and environment – across Canada and beyond. As one of North America’s top conflict resolution professionals he works to develop solutions that work for people and communities through deep, long-term consensus and trust-building.

Since boyhood he has had a special relationship with the people of Canada’s First Nations including the convening and facilitating a remarkable series of Exploratory Dialogues across Canada that brought together for the first time survivors of residential schools, and representatives of senior levels of the Churches and Government of Canada. Such work as taken him into the middle of difficult issues around land, water, and resources, and the implications for indigenous people: their communities, lifestyles, and identities.

Sigurdson carries Lake Winnipeg with him wherever he goes. He is the fifth generation of one of the pioneering Icelandic fishing families that shaped life on the lake and helped create an industry that is a vital cornerstone of the economic and cultural landscape of Manitoba.

He is author of Vikings on a Prairie Ocean, and a series of short stories (fiction and non-fiction) known as “Splashes.”