“Glenn has a special relationship with the people of Canada’s First Nations and the good way and place that comes from shines through these pages. For the Cree and Ojibway, and the Icelanders of Lake Winnipeg, this book will always have a special meaning. Few Canadians, if any, could have written this; every Canadian should read it.”

Phil Fontaine, O.C, O.M., former National Chief, Assembly of First Nations

“This book is full of surprises but none more than the creative way in which Glenn weaves together the influences of people and places, and values from an earlier time, to shape a path-breaking career helping others reach tough decisions, and resolve deeply embedded differences. This book is full of wisdom fired by a vast range of experience.”

Barry Stuart, former Chief Judge, Yukon

“Glenn Sigurdson has written a book straight from his heart: part family chronicle; part personal history of Lake Winnipeg and the fishing culture it nourished; and part homage to Manitoba’s extraordinary Icelandic community and its contributions to Canada. This is a story of how our country was built, and of the iron-willed people who against great odds built it.”

Scott McIntyre, O.C, former publisher of Douglas & McIntyre Books