“The JR Spear went to the bottom, but parts of her soon rose from the depths. The divers were able to retrieve her new marine diesel engine. Years later, in 1977, Dad received a letter explaining that the lifeboat had been found intact on the shore of Reindeer Island. But it was through Solli’s lyrics in “Remember the JR Spear,” from the “Lake Winnipeg Fishermen” album he wrote and performed, that her soul was reborn. He tells the passion of her story on the back of the album:

The JR Spear was much like any other boat on Lake Winnipeg except it was more of a family boat than any other. But like people boats take on personalities and the sinking becomes all the harder to take. It would be impossible to name all the people associated with her. The few mentioned are outstanding. There are thousands of people I don’t even know who will remember the Spear, fishermen, the tourist passengers, Berens River Indians, lighthouse keepers, fishermen’s wives and families, but especially the ‘boys who ran her’ will ‘remember the JR Spear.'”

The JR Spear in the Berens River, Lake Winnipeg

JR Spear at the Berens River Station

The Grand Rapids, Historical Fishing Boats in Canada

Dad’s trip on the Grand Rapids