For decades, Glenn Sigurdson has built sustainable outcomes by developing sustainable relationships. The thought leader combines his experience as a mediator, lawyer, economist and facilitator in the middle of complicated situations, helping others reach difficult decisions and resolve deeply embedded differences. In Vikings on a Prairie Ocean, he describes the people, places and cultures of Lake Winnipeg that influenced him and his prestigious career.

The philosophies and lessons at the heart of Sigurdson’s remarkable career are eloquently shared through stories from Lake Winnipeg, personal tales, and conversations with thought-leaders throughout Canada.

“I learned from the people of the lake first, and then from many other places and people, that those who make their livelihoods from the water or the land understand the world viscerally. Watching, listening and remembering they see patterns and live with uncertainty. They observe how things and people work and feel when things are changing, while the experts with books and lab coats record, analyze and interpret. They derive their identity from their relationship with the world around them, while the experts build credentials with titles and papers. It is as if one is inside the apple looking out; the other is biting into it. The view from the inside is of the whole; the other sees chunks and slices. Knowledge does not begin or end with a credential, nor with experience and wisdom We need them both; and they need each other to see how each needs the other. I have come to understand that when the voices that speak truth from the ground sit around the table with those who bring truth from a book they bring together a force of gravity that makes solutions to seemingly impossible challenges possible.”

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Leading Without Owning  – From Glenn Sigurdson’s Career

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